I was charged with Transportation/Sales of Marijuana, Cultivation, and Possession. Everything was dismissed outright!! I would like to thank John and his staff for all of the diligent work they provided in getting this case dropped. John’s expertise and knowledge of the law in our case was impeccable. We will definitely refer him as an attorney and your firm to others. 


 A real mensch! Mr. Hinely represented my daughter in a possession of cannabis case. John carried out my daughter’s defense with utmost care, talent, and professionalism as an attorney. During preparation for the trial, John was on task every step of the way, and did a fantastic job of thoroughly collecting all relevant data, communicating updates, and brilliantly navigating through unforeseen circumstances. His patience and unrushed manner gave me a sense of good will that exists between good friends and relatives. The verdict was NOT GUILTY! Thank you, John! 


 Simply the Best attorney! Mr. Hinely did an outstanding job on my case! He is very knowledgeable and keeps you informed throughout the entire case. The end result was my criminal case was completely dismissed. I would definitely recommend him. 


 Mr. Hinely is an exceptional person and attorney. I was charged with a vehicular manslaughter and feared the worst outcome. Mr. Hinely appeared in court for me and kept me informed of everything going on with my case. Mr. Hinely investigated the facts, hired an investigator and an accident reconstruction expert. Because of Mr. Hinely’s diligence and knowledge of the law, my case was entirely dismissed without even going to trial. 


 This is a letter of appreciation for all of your diligence and hard work,as attorney, that you put forth in clearing my name. It is a weight lifted off of my shoulder. I can finally be a normal citizen without all the rumors flying around town about me. I would highly recommend you anytime. It is good to know that there is still justice without corruption. Thanks again. 


 John, I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate all of your help and effort with my cases. 


 You are the most amazing attorney I have ever met. 


 Mr. Hinely was very professional, knowlegable, understanding and helpful. If I were ever in trouble again, which I don’t plan on, I would definitely hire him as my attorney. I only had to show up in court once, which was very convenient due to my work schedule; and my case was eventually dismissed. 2 thumbs up for Mr. Hinely. 


 God Bless you Mr. Hinely. I was charged with a DUI involving injuries, along with allegations of a prior DUI. Mr. Hinely filed a Motion to Dismiss based on a violation of my Speedy Trial Rights. My case was dismissed entirely, without even going to a trial. 


 I had already paid my last attorney over $7000 for promises that he never kept and found myself between a rock and a hard place. Mr. Hinely stepped in and cleaned up the mess at a minimal price. I have since recommended Mr. Hinely to others, who have been just as satisfied with his services. 


 Thank you for your kindness and support. Our family cannot express how grateful we are for your assistance.